Our Event Coffee: hand-roasted, ethically sourced, speciality grade

For our event coffee, at Social Espresso we use our delicious, specialty grade coffee that is hand roasted with care by us at our Deptford HQ and roastery. We ensure that our event coffee is always ethically sourced from sustainable farms and that the farmers and growers are paid a fair wage for their hard work, this is why we maintain full transparency within our supply chain and source through direct trade means.

Our highest quality single origin beans are also seasonally rotated, to maintain the best flavours all year round!

Our house coffee is a delicious Brazilian single origin, with flavour notes of chocolate and hazelnuts. We source this from an all-women led co-operative coffee farm that puts profits back into social projects in the local community, including education, health promotion and agricultural training.

Sustainable coffee

As well as sourcing from sustainable farms, we always use sealable, reusable buckets when transporting our event coffee to exhibitions, conferences, product launches, press days and other the events we attend all over the UK and Europe. This means we’re not wasting any single-use packaging.

event coffee in bags on a pallet
coffee roasting at Social Espresso HQ
Artisan hand roasted coffee for events in sustainable containers
ethically sources and roasted speciality coffee beans for hospitality and event catering

Our Event Coffee is ‘Ethically Sourced, Sustainable Coffee’ – But what does this actually mean?

Serving artisan event coffee at an exhibition during a break

It’s easy nowadays to get swept up in the endless swarm of buzzwords and ‘greenwashing’ phrases that marketing execs use to make brands appear ‘eco-friendly’ to the buying public. You may have heard the term, ‘ethically sourced, sustainable coffee’ more than once, but what does it really all mean? And more importantly, what does it mean to us, a company providing artisan event coffee!

‘Ethically sourced’

Ethically sourced coffee usually refers to coffee which has been sourced directly from smaller, independently run farms. This means putting the farmers and growers first, ensuring that all stages of the supply chain are paid properly for their hard work. Transparency and traceability in the supply chain are two key factors of true ethically sourced coffee. It’s important to know exactly where your coffee is being farmed and processed so you can ensure your product is coming directly from trusted growers without middle men getting involved. This also helps maintain higher levels of quality control which leads to a better product.

The increasing demand from consumers to have access to sourcing information has helped the specialty coffee industry grow in popularity. Although specialty coffee makes up just 3% of the global market, industry roles like farmers, growers, importers, roasters and cafes are all committing to producing and serving better quality coffee.

With our own supply for our event coffee, we solely work with specialty green bean suppliers who have close direct trade relationships with the farmers and growers in their respective countries. This includes Kamba Coffee, our main supplier, run by an Ethiopian and Brazilian couple who have very close ties with both of these regions. As a result of this, the money we pay for our green beans goes directly to the farmers at a cost set by themselves. This money then gets reinvested back into local communities to fund education, agriculture and various community led projects.


The term ‘sustainable coffee’ goes hand in hand with ethically sourced coffee and unsurprisingly there’s a lot of overlap between the two. Sustainably sourced coffee is coffee that is grown in a way that helps to conserve the environment and land it’s farmed on. Not only does this help to preserve the farmland, but it also helps provide better livelihoods for the people who grow, process and distribute it.

Over 100 million people globally rely on the production of coffee for a living. Like any volatile marketplace and industry, individuals can be unfairly exploited for cheap labour and in regards to the coffee industry, can be forced into farming land in ways that negatively impact the environment. Luckily, the recent boom in demand for specialty coffee is helping tackle this on a large scale. Farms are now more heavily regulated and with a push towards supporting smaller more environmentally focussed farming with minimal deforestation, so things are looking up.

Sustainable coffee packaging

Sustainability when roasting, packing and distributing the coffee once it’s with us in the UK is also incredibly important. Things can be done such as using reusable coffee barrels to save on single use packaging, using eco-delivery services for distribution and utilising green energy wherever possible. These are all systems we implement every day to ensure that every cup of our event coffee that we serve has as little impact on the environment as possible.

Want to find out more about the coffee we source and roast? Take a look at our coffee page here.

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