In the fast-paced world of corporate events, where prestigious brands and industry leaders converge, every detail matters. From state-of-the-art technology showcases to captivating presentations, event organisers strive to create immersive and memorable experiences. Amidst the excitement, one crucial element has been captivating the discerning palates of attendees: specialty coffee bars. Over the past month, our team had the incredible opportunity to provide our delicious coffee at high-profile events with industry giants such as Google, Ferrari and Red Bull. Join us as we delve into the world of our premium event coffee and the impact it has had on these exciting events.

Crafting Coffee Experiences:

To begin, let’s explore specialty coffee as a concept. Unlike your typical cup of joe, specialty coffee represents the pinnacle of the coffee industry. It requires a meticulous approach to every step of the coffee-making process, from selecting the finest beans to precise roasting techniques. By focusing on the unique characteristics of each coffee bean variety, specialty coffee aims to deliver a sensory experience that transcends the average coffee experience. The quality of our coffee is incredibly important to us and we believe it’s what sets us apart from other coffee events companies.

Fuelling innovation with Google

Our busy month first kicked off with us partnering with Google at their world renown Zeitgeist event, which brought together innovators and celebrities alike from around the globe including Prince William himself! Recognising the importance of coffee as a catalyst for creativity and productivity, we set up five of our coffee bars, designed to fuel the minds of attendees. The event took place at the beautiful Grove Hotel in Watford, which had been transformed by Google to match their streamlined brand aesthetic. Our fleet of sleek La Marzocco Linea espresso machines integrated perfectly into their bars and we even had an iPad with each station that gave guests info about our sustainable coffee sourcing! The aroma of freshly brewed coffee hung in the air, fostering networking and collaboration among the guests, and our sustainable coffee complemented Google’s commitment to forward-thinking solutions well.

Revving up with Ferrari and Pirelli

One of the highlights of our month was providing our specialty coffee bars for regular clients, Ferrari and Pirelli at their action packed track days. When it comes to motorsports, Ferrari and Pirelli are unrivalled in their pursuit of excellence, and having our premium barista coffee service at their track days beautifully complements the world of luxury motorsports. We served up our exquisite brews trackside, in the pit garage at Silverstone, as F1 and super cars screamed by. As attendees marvelled at the latest Ferrari models, they indulged in the rich aroma and velvety textures of our handcrafted beverages, elevating their track day experience.

Smoothies Galore at BIBA 2023

Our team had the exhilarating opportunity to provide three vibrant smoothie bars for the BIBA 2023 event in Manchester. The event proved to be a fantastic platform for us to showcase our smoothie expertise, whilst delighting attendees with an assortment of refreshing and nutritious beverages. We churned out a whopping 1200 smoothies in just two days, keeping delegates happy and hydrated. Our bars acted as a great focal point for guests to gather and discuss business, boosting the footfall to our client’s stands considerably!

Energising Red Bull at the Roundhouse

Creating a memorable coffee experience at large conferences requires a harmonious blend of passion and precision. We carefully selected a team of skilled baristas to man five specialty coffee bars at an exclusive Red Bull event who were not only masters of their craft but who work with a genuine love for coffee. The event was held at the world famous Roundhouse in Camden, usually the stomping ground for the largest names in music. We strategically positioned five of our coffee bars to hug the iconic shape of the venue, maximising the output of coffees whilst keeping queues to a minimum. The guests were well and truly energised as they had certainly consumed their fair share of caffeine through complimentary cans of Red Bull, alongside our coffee!

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