The coffee industry is a leading sector in the UK economy, and in 2018 coffee shops generated more than £10 billion. As demand grows, this figure is expected to rise in 2019. Here are just a few of the trends that have been spotted so far for this year.

Milk alternatives in coffee

The rise in a myriad of plant-based milk options is being led by soy, oat and almond milk, though there are plenty of others too. Plant based milk is seen as healthier than full-fat milk, but is also important for people who are looking to avoid animal products in their diet. Flavours added, such as the soy-based additives, ensure that the coffee still tastes great, although it’s generally agreed that, for the time being, oat milk is the closest alternative when it comes to steaming.

Cold brew coffee

A survey by Beverage Trend revealed that over one-third of Millennials and Gen-Z are more likely to choose a cold brew than older buyers, which is driving the trend for cold brew coffee and iced coffee. One particular example is Nitro Coffee, a stored cold brew which is served on draft (like beer is served in a pub). The coffee is infused with nitrogen gas as it is poured, giving it a creamy and smooth texture. Aficionados say that this makes it taste better than a regular cold brew coffee.

Espresso Coffee

The famous concentrated form of coffee, served in shots or with foam or cream resting on the surface, often serves as the base for many other types of coffee drinks, like cappuccino, latte, americano and macchiato too.

Whilst traditional espresso is always popular, current trends include new introductions like the ‘Freddo espresso’ in Greece, a refreshing cold drink comprising a double espresso shot, shaken with ice, and poured over ice cubes.

Flavoured Coffee

2019 is seeing the rise of flavoured coffees to give people’s favourite beverage a little extra boost, for example the popular vanilla syrup shot, a classic caramel shot, or even a hazelnut shot. Syrups don’t contain many calories, and sugar-free syrups are available too, so even health conscious people can enjoy flavoured coffees.

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