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At Social Espresso, we’ve been helping businesses who want to hire a barista for a day since 2016, providing our high quality barista and mobile coffee bar hire services, as well as our juice and smoothie bar hire service.

We operate throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, serving customers at events including exhibitions, conferences, product launches, press days, track days, festivals, weddings and other events, for customers such as Snapchat, Google, Amazon, Nike, Adidas, Pirelli, the London Marathon, Sky, Google, Asos, Reebok and many more.

Meet the team at Social Espresso HQ in London

Jack Howells – Founder / Event Director

Favourite coffee: Flat white

Hobbies / interests: Travelling, food and of course coffee are big passions of mine – I love finding new restaurants to eat at and am also a big home cook! I really enjoy exploring and travelling to new destinations, which is why I started in the beginning as an events barista myself!

Favourite event with Social Espresso: This is a very hard question as we have been lucky enough to cater for some amazing events over the years, so I think I’ll have to name two. First, would be EBMT in Frankfurt, this was our first major event where we had 6 different clients and 14 baristas! Seeing that executed perfectly, to the highest degree was probably a career highlight of mine. Second after this, was probably the Formula One Grand Prix – we catered for five hospitality tents, having seven barista bar set ups across Silverstone. Despite the 35 degree heatwave, it was an amazing weekend!

James Lawrence – Senior Event Planner

Favourite coffee: Oat latte

Hobbies / interests: I love creating music in my spare time, I’ve always got a couple different projects on the go! I enjoy writing and performing with my friends and seeing songs we’ve made evolve over time. I’m also a big film nerd and am always at the cinema to see the latest independent releases.

Favourite event with Social Espresso: As an event director, I help the events take shape behind the scenes. It’s always great to see the team come back from abroad with smiles on their faces, talking about all the exciting things they’ve experienced on jobs I’ve helped organise. It’s great to share a passion for specialty coffee with so many like minded people and see our clients respond so well.

Adam Bordley – Events Barista / Coffee Roaster

Favourite coffee: Flat White

Hobbies / interests: One of my many passions in life is sharing my love for great food, I’m very creative in the kitchen and love to experiment and make food exciting. This of course goes hand in hand with my passion for roasting coffee; similar to creating a well executed dish, it takes time and love for the raw ingredients, as well as a fine eye for perfection – it’s easy when you love what you do!

Favourite event with Social Espresso: My favourite event with Social Espresso was working in Barcelona at EANM. Barcelona is such a beautiful city, the weather, the people and not forgetting the food! Working one minute away from the beach front made for some fantastic views while pulling espressos. Having a great time with the dedicated team, working together and indulging in the local Spanish cuisine after busy days was always a highlight.

Monika Kava – Events Barista

Favourite coffee: V60 Filter

Hobbies / interests: I love to read books and learn more about coffee in my free time.

Favourite event with Social Espresso: My favourite event will have to be one of the many Pirelli ones. It’s always great to be part of the racing experience, hearing engines roaring in the garages next door while pulling espressos. There’s also something exciting about getting to the race track before everyone else!

Richard Orlandi-Fantani – Events Barista

Favourite coffee: Flat White

Hobbies / interests: I love culture, travelling and exploring the unknown. I like to push myself to my limits in every aspect of my life, being a thrill seeker and adrenaline junkie. This can be from exploring amazing food in new places to finding eye opening experiences to take part in!

Favourite event with Social Espresso: Going to Amsterdam for ECTRIMS on behalf of Merck was my favourite event experience. Being given the opportunity to work alongside other vetted baristas with a passion and respect for great quality coffee was like being a part of one big family with lots of laughs, it made it easy to work to the highest standard whilst having a great time.

And there’s more…

We also, of course, have our extended team of highly trained, freelance baristas based all over the UK and Europe who we have closely worked with extensively over the years to craft delicious event coffee.

Next Steps

Read more about our exceptional event coffee or about our mobile coffee bar hire service, and if you want to know more please get in touch. Alternatively, if you’re looking to hire a barista for a day, or two days, or more.. and need a quote, simply click on the button below, complete the form, and we’ll get back to you.