Here at Social Espresso, we’re no strangers to a great track day. We’ve been serving our coffee regularly at circuits all over the UK for motoring brands such as Ferrari, Pirelli and Bentley since we started! We know that premium motoring brands need great tasting coffee that reflects their brand. Track Days can last all day long and having a delicious injection of caffeine right at your guests fingertips can be crucial to their overall experience. If you’ve ever considered having a mobile barista hire for track days service, this is how we can elevate your track day and be an invaluable asset for your next event!

Coffee with impact

First impressions are important, and having a professional coffee bar set up helps to show that your brand means business! If you’re looking to make your next Track Day stand out and create a buzz amongst your attendees, our services are a perfect way to achieve this. Your guests will always remember the overall experience, which of course includes the all important drivers briefing at the beginning of the day – a prime time to have a freshly brewed coffee in their hands! Our high end service will

Barista hire – an elevated coffee experience

Great event coffee is hard to come by. Most venues’ coffee offerings are simply not up to scratch and nowadays people expect more than the average cup of joe! You can immediately taste the difference between expertly brewed specialty grade coffee and commercial coffee. With specialty coffee, we roast the beans to accentuate the nuanced flavour profiles that occur naturally in the highest quality beans. This results in a better coffee packed with more flavour, with a balanced profile; no bitterness in sight! It’s also good to know, we’re the only coffee events company that uses professional La Marzocco machines, which are exactly what you’d find in your favourite specialty coffee shop! This means you’ll have your own personal cafe experience at your drivers’ and attendees’ service all day long.

A creative extension of your brand

Having a mobile barista bar present allows you to have a cohesive extension of your brand at your track day. With custom branded cups, your iconic logo will be in everybody’s hands throughout the day, keeping you at the very focus. Having a custom branded coffee bar is a great way to have an eye catching base for your guests to return to for refreshments throughout the day. This really hammers home your brand identity and of course looks great!

Energised and happy guests!

Coffee is of course a great way to keep your guests energised and focused throughout your track day. It can also work as a great conversation starter, as guests will naturally gather at focal points during the day. We also always ensure that along with delicious coffee, your guests are getting impeccable service. This means we always go the extra mile to keep your guests as happy as possible. You can rest assured that our professional baristas will work as a friendly extension of your existing team, working alongside you to make your event a success! We work to make the process as easy as possible, taking care of set up, service and pack downs seamlessly. This allows you to focus on what’s most important to you, while we take of the rest.

Social Espresso provide ethically sourced, in-house roasted coffee, together with fully branded bars and mobile barista hire for track days, press days, product launches, exhibitions, hospitality, trade shows, conferences, festivals and more. We are committed to helping you by providing delicious coffee and impeccable service! How can we help you? Call us today on 020 3802 2773, or email us at .