When it comes to hosting successful events, there’s nothing quite like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee to set the stage for a memorable experience. For the past month, we’ve had the privilege of providing our top-notch barista coffee bars at various events all over the UK and Europe. From staff wellbeing days to corporate conferences, our team has been busy crafting specialty coffee drinks and spreading warmth one cup at a time. In this blog post, we’ll take you behind the scenes and share some of the highlights from our month-long adventure in the world of event coffee catering.

Energising minds at ERS Milan

At corporate events, our coffee bars serve as perfect networking hubs and energy boosters for event staff and delegates alike. At ERS in Milan, attendees appreciated the opportunity to step away from their seats and stands engaging in coffee fuelled conversations. The power of a well-brewed espresso is truly remarkable when it comes to keeping the energy levels high during long talks and networking sessions! Hiring our skilled baristas to craft specialty coffee is a surefire way to engage and delight your attendees. Whether it’s creating intricate latte art or sharing their expertise about our coffee beans’ origin, baristas bring an extra layer of entertainment and sophistication to the conference experience.

Shifting gears at Concours of elegance

The Concours of Elegance event held at the historic and beautiful Hampton Court Palace is a celebration of automotive excellence and timeless elegance. Amidst the stunning backdrop of classic cars and regal surroundings, our coffee bar stood out this year, adding a touch of refinement to the festivities through specialty coffee. To create an inviting and luxurious atmosphere, we established a coffee oasis at the heart of the event right beside one of the displays of classic cars. Our team of expert baristas took pride in their craft, showcasing their skills in the art of brewing. Attendees were treated to a menu of specialty coffee drinks, carefully curated to enhance the experience. Our bar also became a focal point for attendees to gather, share stories, and admire the automotive marvels on display.

Charging festivities at The Big Christmas Press Show

The Big Christmas Press Show is a yearly festive extravaganza where the biggest brands showcase their upcoming Christmas products and services. Our coffee bar added a touch of warmth and comfort to the festivities, as guests stepped through the door, the inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafted through the air, immediately setting the tone for the day ahead. The menu for the event featured a selection of seasonal favorites that embraced the flavours of the festive season. Spiced chai lattes, gingerbread lattes, and cinnamon espresso shots were just a few of the options available. Each sip was like tasting a piece of Christmas in a cup. Our bar was more than just a beverage station; it became a focal point for attendees to gather, mingle, and take a moment of respite during the busy press show.

Caffeinating content at Reddit’s offices

an image of our branded coffee bar at Reddit's offices

At Reddit’s office, a recent Staff Wellbeing Day showcased the company’s commitment to its employees’ health and happiness, and we were honoured to play a part in it by serving our coffee. We had the pleasure of serving coffee to the tech-savvy and dynamic team, fostering a sense of camaraderie among employees. Through transforming a corner of their offices into a cosy coffee sanctuary, we helped create a place for employees to unwind, connect with colleagues, and recharge amidst their busy workday.

Our month providing barista coffee bars for events has been a whirlwind of incredible moments, delicious brews, and happy event guests. From car shows to corporate exhibitions, we’ve witnessed firsthand the power of coffee to bring people together, create lasting memories, and elevate the event experience. Our commitment to quality and community impact has been at the heart of our success. We look forward to continuing to serve exceptional coffee and making events even more special in the months and years to come. If you’re planning an event and want to elevate the coffee experience, consider including our barista coffee bar – because every great event deserves a great cup of coffee.

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