After a few years of keeping all our kit in self-storage, Social Espresso have finally made the move to our first official headquarters.

Our first few years were a bit of a challenge, because we have had no running water or electricity at the self-storage unit, which has made it more difficult to get all our coffee machines cleaned, maintained and turned around quickly and efficiently between all our event coffee catering jobs.

In addition, we were also located on the second floor, so preparing all the kit for a job before hand, and then packing it all away on our return, always involved multiple trips in the lift!

We were on the hunt for many months looking for a site that would suit our needs. We wanted to be as close to central London as possible, but without the eye watering costs that usually go with it, as we are always keen to keep costs down for clients. We finally settled on a 600 square foot premises situated in a railway arch in Deptford in South East London.

The differences we’ve found in having all the space we need to store our barista machines and kit and run our event coffee business under the same roof has been almost unbelievable. Now we can much more easily achieve and maintain the very high quality level of service that we strive to achieve for our customers.

To find out how we can help you with our barista hire and event coffee service, and to discuss your event requirements, give us a call on 020 3802 2773, or send us an email at .