If you’re a coffee lover, it’s clear when you get served up an underwhelming brew. More often than not an event’s in-house coffee offering struggles to hit the mark! When booking us for your event, you’re essentially creating your own specialty coffee shop for your brand. But what exactly does this mean? You can rely on us to provide you with a service that matches exactly what you’d get in your favourite local coffee spot. As we have our own cafe sites in London we really know what makes coffee tick. If we’re being snobby (and we are!) coffee aficionados and casual drinkers alike will not only notice, but greatly appreciate the premium coffee your brand is offering up.

What can I expect on the coffee menu at my event?

We offer a full specialty coffee menu as good as any specialty high street spot. Here’s a list of the drinks we always include at events and what exactly they consist of:

Flat White – This drink has quickly become one of the most ordered coffees out there. It contains a double shot of espresso with smooth microfoam and less milk than that of a latte. When it comes to specialty coffee, you’ll typically find this served in a 6oz cup. The slightly smaller ratio of milk allows you to be able to taste more of the natural flavours within the espresso.

Cappuccino – Your favourite foamy friend! A double espresso traditionally prepared with a thicker layer of foam at the top and a silky body of microfoam. This is often topped with chocolate powder for a little bit of added sweetness.

Latte – Caffe latte, primarily shortened to latte here in the UK, is an espresso based drink with smooth microfoam and fuller body than that of a flat white, often served in a 8oz cup.

Espresso – One of the most popular methods of brewing coffee itself. A double shot of concentrated coffee with a deep, rich flavour. Perfect for those after a quick caffeine hit!

Cortado – A short espresso based drink with roughly an equal amount of milk to coffee. This ratio helps to balance out the intensity and acidity of the espresso for a more mellow drink that can be consumed in a hurry.

Americano – A basic classic espresso based drink where the shots of espresso are diluted with hot water. Simple but a classic for a reason!

Mocha – A variant of the latte, the indulgent mochaccino has chocolate infused with the espresso. This pairs well with the creamy body of milk and microfoam to create a warming sweet drink. A perfect comfort beverage for those who love a sweeter coffee.

Specialty Teas – Let’s be honest, no hot beverage service is complete without a full selection of tea! We work with our friends over at Good & Proper Tea to offer a selection we think caters to all tastes. English breakfast tea, jade tips, earl grey and peppermint. Of course these are all sustainably sourced and taste fantastic.

Social Espresso provide ethically sourced, in-house roasted coffee, together with fully branded bars and mobile barista hire for track days, press days, product launches, exhibitions, hospitality, trade shows, conferences, festivals and more. We are committed to helping you by providing delicious coffee and impeccable service! How can we help you? Call us today on 020 3802 2773, or email us at .